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Welcome to the Ulster-Scots and Irish Unionist Resource. Please feel free to take a look through the site then come back and post any comments you have on the message board / guestbook or the new guestmap. I can also be contacted at alan@ulster-scots.co.uk . Please note that once the message board becomes full I will remove the usual loyalist/unionist vs nationalist/republican drivel and keep interesting comments that add to the discusssion. Feel free to participate in the poll and/or subscribe to the email groups.  The Ulster-Scots group is a more localised group (listed in Yahoo UK & Ireland), whereas the Scotch-Irish group is more international (listed in Yahoo.com). Please take a look at the new Community Page. We also have a huge Links Databsae . You can also help this site by buying products through our affiliates (Amazon, Blackstar and genealogy sites) HERE.  Hope you like the site.

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