Bout ye! We bid ye welcome tae Ulster-Scotch Online where we scrieve the aul tongue an leid alang wi promoting an fostering understanding of it`s attendant music, history, culture and heritage. We are primarily focused on Northern Ireland and and the border Counties of the Republic but also across the island of Ireland and especially the various Irish and Scotch-Irish diasporas around the world..

We have just updated the website with new software to resolve some ongoing problems with the old software. However all users and passwords should be carried across. Please let us know what you think of the new look and please be aware it is still a work in progress in terms of aesthetics, with logos and links and such like still to be implemented. Expect the blog to be more active with working software and a new blogging team asweel. Speaking o which, anyone interested in blogging on Ulster-Scotch Online please drop us a line.

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  • Brian Mcconnell

    Kudos for all your great work ! Greetings as well and best wishes from Brian’s Canadian Ulster Scots with new facebook page at…https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brians-Canadian-Ulster-Scots/231556763523202

  • The history of Ireland is very glorious. The Irish food, Irish culture etc everything attracts the tourism from all over the world. People wants to spent their vacations in Ireland .

  • Rachel K.R.

    Found you on YouTube. 

  • Charles Edward Miller, Jr., MA

    I am a Miller(Millar) of Ulster Scotch descent whose father was born in Colerain, Bertie County, North Carolina in 1928. I descend from Jonathan Miller (Millar) who purchased a 1000 acres of land that became our farm. My grandfather was named Duncan Miller and my grandmother was Essie Cowan. Through her, I am a second cousin once removed to artist Ralph Wolfe Cowan, a man who is on the internet. I speak High German and American English since I studied German in high school, college, and in Germany in 1974.

  • Charles E. Miller, Jr., BA,MA

    Please do not forget that Ulster Scots also settled in eastern North Carolina as well.

  • James Scruby



  • James Scruby

    OH AYE

  • James Scruby


  • James Scruby


  • James Scruby


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